The Union deeply appreciates paediatricians Dr Jeffrey Starke and Dr Joan E Shook for their generous donation that made feasible the production and dissemination of this report. We thank Dr Steve Graham, Dr Paula I Fujiwara and Dr Valerie Schwoebel for their expert technical review, and Lindsay McKenna and Thomas Lynch for their comments that improved portions of the text. We thank the Stop TB Partnership’s Working Group on Child and Adolescent Tuberculosis for their leadership in developing policy recommendations we have included in this report. We acknowledge John Paul Dongo, Joseph Nsonga, and our staff, consultants and partners who are showing it is possible to save children’s lives from TB even in the most resource-limited settings.

Special thanks goes to all the children and families who had their photos taken. All photos are of people affected by TB.

Photo Credits

Will Boase, Javier Galeano, Jan Schmidt-Whitley

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